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Whitetail Suite


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Set of 4 Paintings Celebrating the Progression of Montana’s Seasons, Painted to Hang and Sell as a Series:

“Cherryblossom Rhapsody” – the fawn of spring, surrounded by the color of spring blossoms and framed by the waxing crescent moon
“Sweetgrass Serenade” – the young doe of summer, surrounded by the color of rich summer hay and framed by the full moon
“Aspenleaf Madrigal” – the stag of autumn, surrounded by the gold of fall leaves and framed by the waning crescent moon
“Willowbranch Requiem” – the old doe of winter, surrounded by the richness of willow branches in snow and framed by the new moon

All are Oil on Panel, 24″ x 16″
Frame: Birch Float Frame

Whitetail Deer

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Dimensions 64 × 24 in